I live in the Middle East, half a world away from my home state of Maryland. I caught the travel bug late, but I'm making up for lost time, having visited over a dozen new countries in the last four years. I love doing the kind of sightseeing that plunges me into new cultures, new cuisines, new ways of thinking and living. Middle Eastern expat life, too, is an interesting conundrum to consider--it's neither American nor particularly Arabic. This so-called "Third Culture" has its own charms and challenges. Writing about my experiences as a traveler and, increasingly, as a happily settled expat, is a way for me to process what I have experienced and to share it.

Writing about Ocean City, on the other hand, is a great antidote to homesickness. I’m sure some of my Maryland memories are whimsically inflated, just like the stories we tell about our own exploits back in the day: they get more farfetched with every telling. But the affection I have for the people, the food, the attitude, the sheer fun of Ocean City is real, and it gets me through the culture shock that will probably always be a part of expat life.


About Kim

Kim Kash is the author of two novels in the Jamie August series: Ocean City Cover-up (2015) and Ocean City Lowdown (2013). She also wrote the bestselling Ocean City: A Guide to Maryland's Seaside Resort (2009), and is currently working on the next installment in the Jamie August series. Kim divides her time between Maryland and the Middle East, working as a freelance writer for American and Middle Eastern clients.

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