Spotted: Jamie August on Wardrobe Oxygen!

The splendid fashion blogger Alison Gary writes on Wardrobe Oxygen about books as gifts--and she's giving away a $100 Amazon gift card! That's nothing to sneeze at. Alison offers fashion advice that is sophisticated yet grounded in reality. She writes for actual women (versus size zero 19-year-olds), and she knows how to do that because she's a DC-based full-time professional with a husband, a kid, and a full, messy, normal life. I cannot recommend her site highly enough. 

But you know what really caught my eye about her post? One of the covers pictured on Alison's Kindle Paperwhite is that of my novel, Ocean City Lowdown!

So get on over to Wardrobe Oxygen and enter Alison's contest. I mean, a hundred bucks? That could buy, for example, gift copies of Ocean City Lowdown for 33 of your dearest friends! Make sure you and all your beach-loving pals have read about Jamie August's first adventure, because you've gotta get ready for the sequel. Oh yes. Jamie will be back and I'll tell you this much: there's a leopard-print bikini involved.

Ocean City Lowdown Final - 800x600.jpg