A Peek Inside Ocean City Lowdown

Here's a tiny glimpse of what's inside my newly published Kindle novel, Ocean City Lowdown. We join reporter Jamie August in Chapter 3, in a booth at AJ's, a bayside restaurant and sports bar....

“I’m married.” He said it earnestly, like he was telling me he had cancer.

Son of a bitch. How had I not seen this coming? I dropped my eyes to the table.

“Hey, but don’t worry about it, it’s not a problem. She’s in Boca Raton for the winter.”

I could taste the fried food coming back up my throat. I didn’t trust myself to speak. My hands shook as I pulled the press kit out from under the wreckage of the appetizer platter. I shoved everything randomly in my bag, including a few stray French fries. I grabbed my coat and slid out of the booth.

I bumped into our waitress, who gave me a withering look as she attempted to rebalance the huge tray of food on her shoulder. “Girl, you better watch it,” she hissed. I flipped her the bird, then used the finger to give a little push to the underside of the tray. The whole thing came crashing down, a waterfall of chili, mashed potatoes, gravy, and fries all over her shiny blond hair.

Want more? Pick up your Kindle copy, pop open a can of Coors Lite, and enjoy.