Indie Authors House Party!

Join the party here over the next week and a half as I welcome nine other authors to talk about their recently published books. This is a little push to get the word out about all of us. They'll say a little something on my page, and I'll stop in to say hello on each of their pages. You'll get to see a crazy mix of genres: fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, erotica (don't get too excited--it'll be a G-rated preview), paranormal romance (is there any other kind?), motivational, and more. We'll kick it off tomorrow with another plug for my own Ocean City Lowdown, so that my fellow authors can pick it up and share it with their readers.

As a newcomer to the Indie market (my 2009 travel guide to Ocean City was traditionally published), my learning curve as a self-publisher is just about vertical. I'm learning about marketing as I go--social, personal, viral. Sounds like a conversation about sexually transmitted diseases, actually. I am hearing lots of encouragement, getting positive feedback from actual readers who paid for my book and are not even related to me. I'm on a new author high! 

That's why I want to share some of my excitement about this newly discovered DIY literary world by doing this Indie Author House Party. I hope you'll enjoy reading a little something from my fellow authors, who are working it as hard as I am to sell their wares. I only know one other author in the bunch, and frankly I'm not really into some of the genres that you'll be seeing on these pages in the next several days. But that's cool. Think of it as a post-modern used bookstore: you really don't know what you'll find, but it's fun to poke around and read the dust jackets.  

The thing we all have in common is a published book and a desire to find our readers. I hope you'll find something to pique your interest, and that you will give my guests a warm welcome.