Author Discovery: Eden's Black Rose by Jaclyn Tracey

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Welcome to day 2 of Author Discovery, a ten-day book tour including myself and nine other writers. I hope you discover some new favorite authors here! Today Jaclyn Tracey talks about Eden's Black Rose:


What doesn't kill you, Serina Spencer can usually cure.

A little snippet to tantalize your palate.

Serina Spencer flung open the carriage door and peered inside. The smell coming from the carriage impaled her. It was the morgue all over again, only sickeningly sweet in a repulsive-gagging-dry-heave-her-breakfast-lunch-and-supper sense

Serina ran for cover and expelled the contents of her stomach. She made her way back to the carriage, not sure whether she felt better or worse. She leaned toward worse.

Peering inside the carriage, Serina stepped back, her eyes wide.  Blood covered the man, the seats, and pooled around his feet, but not a single drop lay on the woman. Was she unconscious or drained dry? And did she want the answer to that? The man’s vocal cords glistened in the moonlight. How he was breathing—between—gurgles seemed nothing short of Divine Intervention. Feral eyes glared at her. As he attempted to speak, thin bubbles formed and popped, one after another from the hole in his throat.  

“Mister, you’re a bloody mess. I don’t usually chat with people once they’re as bad as you. They’re either halfway to heaven or hell by now and from the looks of you I’m guessing you weren’t allowed passage to either. Tonight your lucky star shone in my window.” 

His petrified look clearly stated otherwise. 

Moments later Serina was very busy working her magic on the one man she instinctively knew was her soul mate. Lucian St. James.

Nauseous again after giving the man and his sister blood transfusions, Serina yanked out handfuls of cloths before she chucked the bag into the street. Picking up the last bucket of water, she chugged a few swigs and then dowsed Lord St. James and the carriage, cleaning both as best she could. She didn’t want them to see a bloodbath and scare the daylights out of them when they came to. At most, she thought they’d be disoriented. She certainly was. With that last viable thought, she passed out landing face-down into Lord St. James lap. 

Lucian St. James pried open his heavy eyelids, feeling as if the weight of the world rested upon them. Confused by his surroundings, and unable to get a grasp of the evening events, he instead grasped a woman. He tried to recall what happened, but he drew blanks. His night became a jigsaw puzzle with missing bits and pieces. He was at a loss as to why there lay a scantily dressed female in the carriage with him with her face pressed precariously close to his groin. 

Doing what? He wondered. Had she fallen asleep? A curl touched his lips. “Could I have fallen asleep?” He scoffed the very idea. 

Lucian found this situation most amusing. And so it seemed, the more amused he got, the more aroused he got. On the opposite seat his sister lay quiet. Completely out of her character. Chatting with no one conscious he said, “Please let Raven be asleep. Don’t wake up now. Good God, how much champagne did I consume? And who is this little slip of a thing?”

Lucian ran his fingers through Serina’s wavy, auburn locks trying to rouse her. With a gentle touch, he traced the outline of her body, over her back, her ribs and moving lower to her hips. He slid his hand over her bottom, and enjoyed the soft, supple firmness. For a split second, he envisioned her naked, lying across him while he gently spanked her. He laughed aloud. 

He thought about undressing her due to her feverish state. All right, he agreed feverish was a lame reason, but if she came around that’s what he was sticking with. Then better judgment kicked in and he decided to keep her clothed… for now. What if she woke up naked and began screaming? Glancing at his soggy predicament of tattered trousers, a black shawl draped oddly across him, his shirt shredded, frustration set in. He squinted, while his fingers puttered with his five o’clock shadow and his free hand slapped her lush little behind. 

Lucian went back to his puzzle. Who was this woman with soft sensuous curves he would love to skim with his fingers and memorize with his heart? Why was she face down buried within his groin… asleep no less? 

Why was his sister snoring to the high heavens in the carriage? He’d seen her at the party with a shandy in hand and he knew all too well it only took one to get her glassy-eyed and giggly. There in lay his answer.

Where the dickens did Duncan disappear to? He rubbed his jaw in thought. Oh wait, the last time he saw Duncan he’d been playing craps with a few friends with a nice mountain of winnings in front of him. Probably enough to buy London Bridge, not that England would ever sell her.

And more importantly was this little woman going to finish what he hoped she’d started? She’d obviously attempted to rip off his clothing in a heated passion. Wish I remembered it. 

“Excuse me, Miss.” Lucian gave her a gentle shake. “Would you be so kind as to remove yourself so as I may try to regain my composure? Mind you, you were a tad bit rough with my attire. These did have buttons on them at one point.” 

Serina stirred. 


Dizzy and disoriented, Serina couldn’t quite figure out where she was. Blinking, she tried to see past some large, silky, dark object blocking her view. 

Serina froze. Slowly, she rolled her eyes, upward at the tumescent erection still blanketed in silk. She couldn’t move a muscle to save herself, but then obviously, she couldn’t stay there with her face buried in the man’s loins either. 

What do I do to get out of this sticky situation with my dignity intact? 

Nothing came to mind… well, that wasn’t exactly true. One thing came to mind. Her eyebrow lifted in a non-prim, non-proper fashion.

Serina licked her lips.

Eden's Black Rose takes Serina and Lucian on one scintillating ride. First comes love, then comes marriage then comes the honeymoon from Hell. Serina's darkest hour comes with the realization that when she said her vows, "In good times and bad, in sickness and health, and till death we do part," they'd have covered them all in less than twenty-four hours.

Guess it's to be expected when you marry into royalty. Musical chairs with thrones never goes as it should. 

In the end, Serina and Lucian find their happily ever after but in their wake they leave Lucian's identical twin Andre and his twin sister Raven to forge their own paths.

Eden’s Sins, by Jaclyn Tracey is a paranormal romance that has a lil enchantress with amnesia and a royal heir to the throne trying to save his damsel in distress.

Jovan Hause made a date with destiny after she cast one impetuous love spell asking for a man to make her forget everything but their love. A moment later she encountered a steamy vision of what her future held and by the gods she believed she’d been sent one. Oh, the things the man did to her body with his tongue alone. Unfortunately she had no idea of the man’s name or what he looked like, but she did know he would arrive with the next train. Blazing a trail to the station she plowed one gent down in the street and never looked back, unfortunately all the passengers were gone when she arrived. Humiliation steering her home, Jovan slammed into the same man a second time only this time she saw stars.

On his way back to Paris after chasing one ghoul in a city of walking cadavers André St. James got knocked on his royal rump by what could only be called a goddess. What to do with a beautiful woman he’d just butt heads with? Nothing gentlemanly came to mind until she regained consciousness. Drawn to her, he planted his nose in the crook of her neck and by the gods now understands why cats go insane with catnip. This woman has intoxicated him with her scent alone. Deciding he only knows one way to wake the woman, he tries for true love’s kiss. The silly tale worked, just not like the charm he’d hoped for.

After three days of amnesia, Jovan is no closer to finding her past, but she realizes her future looks royally smashing. When a man on the street calls her name her world comes crashing down. Finding out she’s a witch a lynch mob awaits her and just when she didn’t think it could get any worse, André gets on the train without her.  

André saw her swinging from the gallows, blue eyes bulging. Then she wasn’t. Then he saw her waltzing off with a skeletal man without even a ‘kiss my royal arse good bye.

Three years later fate’s hand deals Jovan and André a second chance, but first they must defeat their past including the perverse undead trying to steal the throne from under them, not caring who gets crowned in the process. 

Eden's Charms is the 3rd book in the series coming out just as soon as the Wild Rose Press gets me a release date :) cover in the works :)

This book takes Savanah St. James and Ethan Kitt along the eastern seaboard from Saratoga Springs, NY to New Orleans, LA finding love and fighting Draq and a few other snaggled toothed vamps.