Author Discovery: Inertia: Book One by Dani R.R. Hermit

There's something in this author tour for everyone, and maybe today's your day! Dani R.R. Hermit's Inertia: Book One is an erotic title that sounds absurdly naughty. Just the author's warning about the content may curl your toes! Welcome, Dani R.R. Hermit:


The book I am taking on this tour of the virtual world is Inertia: Book One, the latest installment in the Parliament of Twilight world. Inertia is best described as a Yaoi-inspired M/M erotic romance with elements of horror, paranormal and a dash of sci-fi, all rolled up into a delicious, twisted adventure.  There is a warning we post on the Parliament of Twilight books and it goes something like this:

Warning: The books set in the Parliament of Twilight world are often more than the average person can handle. Contents may include but are not limited to: beast form sex, angst, spanking, inappropriate use of showers and/or bathtubs, elements of horror in erotic settings, implied m/f incest, outright m/m twincest, dubious consent, cliffhangers, tentacles, cheating, bad decisions, BDSM, bondage, campy humor, threesomes & more-somes, supernatural creatures, May/December romances, eternal love, blood play, murder, animated corpse sex

If that hasn’t scared you away, then let me tell you about the story of Inertia.  This series is going to focus mainly on the developing relationship between Skye Crestal, a bad boy shifter and RT Wilmont, a washed up Broadway composer.  They meet in Book One at an out of the way bar where Skye is working his last night before leaving the small desert town for Hollywood and the opportunity of a lifetime.  The rest of the series will follow their adventures in Hollywood and beyond, as well as give glimpses into the stories of the characters around them.

RT is in a downward spiral, at the lowest point of his life.  He is playing at the dive bar as an impersonator of himself, because no one in their right mind would hire the actual RT Wilmont, notorious drunkard and seducer of young men.  Once, playing like this, connecting with the people in the intimate way only a dimly lit bar could provide, was an amazing experience.  But no longer.  RT is ready to end it all.  He intends for this performance to be his last, ever.

But before he can go through with it, two things happen to the older man.  He gets a call from the organization known as the Parliament of Twilight ordering him back to duty after years of quasi-retirement.  And he meets Skye, the bartender who he was hired to play for.

Book One follows Skye and RT on their wild night that starts at the bar and ends in a cheap motel room.  They are irrevocably connected by the end of that first night together, but the world has other plans.  RT is being followed by another Agent of the Parliament and Skye’s master is calling him back to California.  They are torn apart by the promises they made long before met.

But fate just might have a happy ending in store for these star-crossed lovers.

Inertia – once in motion, there’s no stopping.

Book One is available at all major online book sellers.  Find your favorite on our shopping page.  Book Two is currently in the editing process and is tentatively scheduled to be released in early 2014.

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