A New Strategy

Sporting a Greenbelt Farmers Market t-shirt in the Northern Saudi desert

Sporting a Greenbelt Farmers Market t-shirt in the Northern Saudi desert

When I first arrived in Saudi Arabia, everything was utterly new and novel, and I wanted to share every detail with my family and friends--all of whom were back home in the States. Now, we have crossed the five-year mark, and Saudi Arabia--despite its quirks--has become home. Not forever, of course, but for now.

In these blog entries, I have shared my wide-eyed newbie traveler impressions on the Middle East, and the many other places in the world that I've been fortunate to visit. Now, after five years, I am immersed in my new life and new community. In addition to loved ones back in the U.S., I now have dear friends who live right down the block. I have found some good local writing opportunities, and am also busy with volunteer work.

Also, I am putting the finishing touches on Ocean City Coverup, the second novel in my Ocean City series!

For these reasons, I plan to blog less often. I'll still post occasionally, when the blog seems like the best venue. Otherwise, I intend to make fuller use of my Facebook Author page. If you don't already follow me there, just click on the link, or the little Facebook icon up at the top of this page, and "Like" Author Kim Kash. There you'll see news about the novel series, pictures and comments from my travels, and other random things that I find interesting. This more casual approach to keeping in touch will give me more time for other stuff--like finishing OC Coverup!

Journey Well!