Ocean City Cover-up: Revealed!

Jamie's second adventure is almost here.

Jamie's second adventure is almost here.

Jamie is looking fabulous on the Ocean City boardwalk, after many months of work by J Caleb Design. We tried out many, many concepts for this cover, and (while my opinion is not the most objective on the subject) I am happy with this one. Investigative reporter Jamie August looks cool and sexy--even as she witnesses a very bad guy running down the busy summer boardwalk. Even as she sports a leopard-print bikini and a fishnet coverup. Not everyone could make that work--but our Maryland homegirl Jamie can. You like? Let me know in the comments.

Ocean City Cover-up is scheduled for publication in late June. In it, Euro-trash collides with American gangsta. Jamie befriends a spoiled heiress who is being pursued by Russian mobsters—and a chart-topping rap star. Meanwhile, a raging crime spree is keeping Jamie busy—and so is a hot new boyfriend and a strict jogging and frozen custard fitness plan. Action careens from OC to Dubai, from the wild shores of Assateague to a wild-west campground. 

I am pasty and pie-eyed in the blue glow of my computer screen, in worn-out shorts and a Bayside Skillet t-shirt. (Hey, maybe I could use a little help in the style department, but I'm keeping the OC flame alive. If only I had a hot pink fringed umbrella to prop up over my desk. And a fresh-squeezed mimosa.) My day has been spent formatting and reformatting a new version of the Ocean City Lowdown paperback to include a sneak preview of Ocean City Cover-up. The Cover-up manuscript is in the hands of its second editor. The Amazon pre-order page is set to go. Book reading and signing dates are being finalized. If you're in Maryland, I hope to see you in July and August.

I'm daydreaming of Thrasher's Fries and crab feasts, a hot day on the beach and a margarita on the deck at Fager's Island at sunset. I think this warm-weather instinct to go "downy ocean" must be genetically programmed into Marylanders at birth. It doesn't matter that I'm sitting in the desert in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. I'm ready for an OC vacation!