May 22: Menswear is Murder

Last year I made some new friends in the Ocean City area who call themselves Murder for Hire. (Yeah, I hang out with some shady characters.) For a couple of decades now, this scrappy troupe has been performing murder mystery dinner theater shows in and around Ocean City. Their usual gig these days happens a few times a year at the Globe in downtown Berlin, Maryland, which is just outside of Ocean City. (Do you know, by the way, that Berlin was voted the America's Coolest Small Town in 2014?)

Since last fall, I have been writing original scripts for Murder for Hire. On May 22nd, they will produce my third script at The Globe. This one involves three generations of haberdashers, a questionable heir to an Italian fashion house, and plenty of fancy cocktails. It's a goofy celebration of the world of fashion, Mad Men style.

I was able to attend the last Murder for Hire show in February, when they produced my second script, called The Deadly Nor'easter. That story involved aging local rocker Rick Thunder, his tough-as-nails girlfriend Paulette, and various family members and hangers on, all stuck at The Globe in a snowstorm. I won't tell you who keels over dead, because they might bring that one back again some day. The experience of seeing my own script produced by this confident, campy troupe was pretty epic. So was Paulette's metal-studded bustier.

If you are looking for a great excuse to go downy ocean for the weekend, this is it! Come to Berlin to see Menswear is Murder on Sunday, May 22nd. (Yeah, it's a Sunday. Better take Monday off to give yourself some extra beach time....) Tickets are available via Ticketfly, but they're going fast.