Murder for Hire, at the Globe

globe logo.png

Murder for Hire, the indefatigable dinner theater troupe that has been dropping corpses around the Eastern Shore for more than two decades, will perform my latest script in Berlin at the Globe on Sunday, Oct. 29. But why am I telling you this? Tickets are sold out. I mean, really sold out. So far I haven't even been able to get one. So forget it, I won't even tell you about Murder on the High Seas. You don't need to know about Cap'n Tony's endless sea stories on this ill-fated cruise, or the yoga instructor who teaches hand-to-hand combat on deck at dawn. No use thinking about it.

What you should focus on instead, is getting your tickets to Murder for Hire's NEXT show, on Sunday, Dec. 10, also at The Globe. Go ahead, click through and book your tickets. Tony and Paulette Matrona and the rest of the gang will put on another dead-funny performance. If you want to make a beautiful holiday-themed weekend of it, arrive in Berlin Thursday evening for their Christmas parade. Then support local artists and craftspeople with some inspired gift-shopping during Friday evening's ArtWalk, also on Berlin's main street. Berlin is the loveliest town any time of year, and at Christmas it's truly magical. 

Let me know if you take me up on this! We can meet up and search out the mulled wine or hot cider that will surely be on offer that weekend on Berlin's main street.