Ocean City Lowdown-- Now available in Paperback and Audio!

"Jamie is a smart, sexy and unforgettable heroine I'd love to be my guide to the real Ocean City, Maryland--no matter what the season. Ocean City Lowdown is  a wonderful, original debut mystery filled with delightful characters that is bound to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich." -Sujata Massey, Macavity and Agatha Award-winning author of the Rei Shimura Series and The Sleeping Dictionary

"What trash!!! I loved it.... It was lively and funny and a good story. The writing was clean and sharp, as I would expect from my former editor. Of course, maybe I didn't expect such a libidinous reporter from same, but..."-Robin Moody, president, Daedalus Books

Ocean City Lowdown: A Jamie August Novel

Ocean City Lowdown introduces Eastern Shore Maryland reporter Jamie August, who has a talent for unearthing more than her editor wants and a weakness for Ravens jerseys and sparkly underwear. She is assigned to cover the grand opening of a big new housing development in Ocean City, Maryland. Instead of writing about wrap-around porches and rattan furnishings, she uncovers kickbacks and payoffs, blackmail and murder. Jamie's tenacity, smarts, and sheer recklessness—plus some smokin’ striptease dance moves—can get her out of some tight spots, but are they enough to save her from a psychopathic arsonist and two generations of corrupt real estate tycoons?

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(Bon Jovi, Billy Squier, Van Halen, all the greats.)

Hiaasen meets Bubbles Yablonsky”
—Sarah D. Baker

”Fun and Funner
When I first began this book, our book club choice for the month, my initial reaction was rather sceptical; it is not my usual genre, and I was prepared to not enjoy it. But darned if I did! I found Jamie to be both endearing and gutsy, the plot moved quickly enough to hold my interest but didn’t seem forced, and I really admired her taste in clothes (LOL, as they say). Lots of twists and turns, a touch of foreshadowing here and there, and before I knew it the book was over, much to my chagrin. I’m looking forward to Jamie’s second adventure. Wonder if she’ll still be wearing those slippers....
— Eleanor D.
Enjoyable Read!
Jamie August and her sharp, sassy tenacity with just the right amount of cynicism infuses Ocean City Lowdown with microcosmic charm as the narrative unfolds through her nuanced observations of local life, not to mention love & loyalty for the Baltimore Ravens. Refusing to settle for humdrum work, she opts for the role of rogue reporter going after high-level players in sinister dealings. When trouble rolls in like high-tide Jamie willfully goes neck-deep and you’re only happy to follow as her adventures in exposing crime is thrill-ride fun. Looking forward to what future escapades might be in store for the Jamie August character!
— Nicole F.

Ocean City: A Guide to Maryland's Seaside Resort

Ocean City is Maryland's seaside paradise. With a carnival atmosphere on the Boardwalk and quiet natural beauty on the bayside, this resort community has something for everyone. In this independent guide, discover what brings vacationers back year after year, including information about area beaches, the famous Ocean City Boardwalk, area dining, shopping, golfing, waterparks and more. Using this guide, visitors can plan their ideal vacation to Ocean City.

A Must-Have for Ocean City Fans
What a great book! I’ve been to Ocean City, Maryland twenty-three times since 1984 for our summer (or early fall) vacation. I thought I knew the town so well, but during my recent visit there I purchased this book, and realized there was a lot I’d never experienced. I had heard of many of the establishments listed here, but I tended to ignore some of them, because I kept patronizing my favorites. Now, after reading the in-depth descriptions of many of these places, I want to spend my next trip exploring them. If you’ve never been to Ocean City before, this book is literally all you need to make your way around the town. I also liked the chapter devoted to the history and development of the resort. Very descriptive and to the point. You simply cannot go wrong with this book!
— Kevin H.
The Complete Guide to Ocean City
This guide book is an invaluable resource for getting the most out of a visit to Ocean City. Coming from the west coast, I know next to nothing about the east coast and its environs. Therefore this book’s suggestions for ways to expand your Ocean City experience are enlightening and imaginative; ideas like visiting nearby Assateague Island (to see the wild horses), its lists of family-friendly hikes, day trips to places like Chesapeake Bay Farms, and in general an insider’s sense of what is, and what is not, worthy of a person’s time. This book also gives tips on where to look for good surf. If you’re looking to have some unique, authentic OC fun, there is also a very useful section on “crabbing” and how to prepare your catch afterwards. This book really takes all the guesswork out of visiting Ocean City, and will make your experience stress-free and more enjoyable.
— Paul C.