7 Big Reasons to Eat Local That You've Got to Consider

As we all know, exercise and eating right are two sides of the same coin. And when it comes to eating right, there's nothing better than eating local. Why? Well, here are some enlightening reasons by guest contributor Kim Kash. Supermarkets these days have pretty much any food you could want, any time of the year. Looking for pears in April? They've got 'em. Spring lettuce mix in November? No problem. The only drawbacks are 1. They don't taste very good, and 2. They're expensive! (Read more at allwomenstalk.com)

Aramcon vs. Mountain

It was 2011 when reliability engineer and climbing instructor Donald Poe first laid eyes on the iconic sandstone tower in Saudi Arabia's Wadi Dissah. He had seen a picture of the beautiful red tower southwest of Tabuk and thought, “I’ve got to climb this.” (Read more at  aramcoexpats.com)

More on Eating Local

You know how much more delicious fresh, local, in-season produce is. Here’s an example: have you ever eaten a tomato in July? How about in January? It’s like it’s not even the same food (This is true of the tomato’s nutritional value as well as its taste.) Our senses tell us that eating fresh and local foods is a good thing. What might not be as obvious, though, is that local foods are also better for your local economy, and better for the planet. (Read more at easywaystogogreen.com)

Create Your Own Home Workout Space

Wouldn’t it be great to have a room in your house with bamboo floors, a floor-to-ceiling waterfall, surround-sound stereo, and eco-friendly, artisanal yoga mats artfully stored behind a tatami screen? Or maybe you’d prefer rubberized floors, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and state-of-the-art circuit training equipment? Keep dreaming. Meanwhile, you don’t need any of that stuff to create a terrific home workout space. Instead, consider these three simple ideas. Some of them may surprise you. (Read more at saybuild.com)


After a long international flight, it’s common to wander around in a fog for the next couple of days. It can be an issue whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. Even Paris loses some of its appeal when seen through a sleep-deprived haze! Seasoned flyers use a few tricks to tame jet lag or defeat it altogether. Reclaim those valuable first days on the ground with these strategies. (Read more at latedeparture.com)


The weather is warming, and if you're like me, you're probably hauling out your bathing suits, shorts and sundresses and cringing at the notion of wearing this stuff in public. (Did I really wear these last year?) (Read more at healthywomen.org)

Putting a simple, nutritious dinner on the table every night is one of the best things you can do for your health and for your bank account. However, if the saucepans are buried behind a stack of cookie sheets and the pantry is devoid of staples, it's all too easy to give up and order pizza. Your kitchen doesn't have to be decorator magazine-beautiful, but it needs to be workable. That's easier to accomplish than you might think. Here are some simple but powerful suggestions for creating a workable, well-stocked kitchen that you will be happy to use every day. (Read more at buildipedia.com)


Eating locally produced foods -- fruits, vegetables, grains, and even meats -- is better for you, better for your family, better for your local economy, and better for the planet. Plus, it tastes better. A lot better. (Read more at dzpinkgoesgreen.org)


When you think of a kitchen makeover, do you have visions of granite countertops by the acre, a complete set of All-Clad cookware, and a Sub-Zero built-in refrigerator? Sure, and good luck with that. The great news is that a much simpler, less expensive kitchen makeover will do loads more for your ability to cook more and better in your own home. Let's talk about some simple, inexpensive changes you can make in your kitchen to make it more conducive to frequent, healthy cooking -- and a place where you'll want to spend more time. (Read more at millennialliving.com)

They say you need only a few basic tools to equip a decent kitchen, and to a degree that’s true. But thanks to a few specialty items in my kitchen, there are some delicious and healthy foods in heavy rotation on our dining table that wouldn’t otherwise be there. Here are a few kitchen gadgets that make it easier to put great food on the table. (Read more at toscareno.com)

As Americans, we are blessed with wealth, comforts and conveniences that third world countries only dream of. Yet we are also afflicted with uniquely first-world health problems, including obesity, high blood pressure, stress-related illnesses, and type-2 diabetes. In many cases, the modern conveniences that we enjoy are the very things that make us sick. (Read more at hivehealthmedia.com)

If you’ve ever had a glass of fresh-squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, then you know that the stuff you buy in a carton, a bottle, or (shudder) a can tastes almost nothing like it. There is simply no comparison. Why? (Read more at eatsmartblog.com)

The barbecue grills are cookin' up and down the block this time of year. It's fun to make dinner on the deck or in the backyard, enjoying the weather and visiting with the neighbors. It almost feels like a party. However, just because the Joneses next door are charring up the usual burgers and dogs, doesn't mean you need to toss the same junk on your barbie. No, I'm not talkin' veggie burgers and Tofu Pups. I mean fresh, whole vegetables, grilled to perfection quickly and easily. Of course, as is the case with meat, there's an art to properly grilling veggies. Here are a few tricks to making everything you grill into a masterpiece. (Read more at the blissfulchef.com)

If you think of soup as a cold-weather comfort food, it’s time to think again. Soup can be just the thing for light, healthy summertime eating. Some are cold soups—gazpacho being the most famous but by no means the only example. Others are hot, but lighter and brighter in texture and flavor than their wintertime cousins. Soups are also an excellent way to use up summer’s abundance of vegetables, and they’re dead easy. (Read more at amusingfoodie.com)

Does your holiday season consist of rushing from craft fair to Christmas party to shopping mall to family gathering? Are you feeling overcommitted, overstimulated, and overstuffed? Then it's time to learn the fine art of saying no. People think saying no is so ... negative! But a kind-hearted no often creates more relaxation and joy during the holiday season, for the giver and the receiver. Let's talk about how to say no without causing hurt feelings or offense to your loved ones. It's a wonderful thing, no? (Read more at currentmom.com)

Most American workers don’t get enough exercise, and when they travel for business this can be even worse. On business trips, it’s easy to overdo it with carb-fest lunches and expense account dinners, sedentary meetings and late nights at the hotel bar. (It’s networking, right?) Whatever healthy habits you have at home go right out the window, and within a few days you find yourself feeling bloated, sapped of energy, and irritable. That’s no fun for you—and it’s not good for business. (Read more at workbabble.com)