What Would Jamie Buy? 

Acid washed jeans and reporters notebooks. Ravens jerseys and hidden recording devices. Old Bay Seasoning. Ugg Boots. Bon Jovi music. Maryland Is For Crabs gear. Welcome to the world of Jamie August. Crack open a Natty Boh, bust out the credit card, and shop away! (Proceeds from this Amazon shop--tiny though they are--go toward the publication of the next Jamie August novel.)


You know Jamie's got this 10-buck mini spy cam in her purse somewhere.

Jamie knows, and you should too, that real reporters use these slim notebooks for reporting in the field.

You don't need to live on a prayer any more--hook yourself up with the Bon Jovi Greatest Hits Collection. Bad Medicine. You Give Love a Bad Name. Wanted Dead or Alive. They're all here.

Back in Black

One of the all-time great rocker anthem albums. OC Lowdown reference: Jamie saw the fountain at Bayview Preserve and immediately thought of that line from "You Shook Me All Night Long"....

Slap this on your bumper.

Essential Billy Squier
By Billy Squier

The Stroke. Rock Me Tonite. My Kinda Lover. All the Billy Squier songs from back in the day on the Matterhorn at the OC Boardwalk. 

UGG Women's Classic Short Bling Boot (Black 7.0 M)
Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Ugg Boots with bling? Are you kidding? Hell yes. Jamie is totally ordering these when her next Weekly Breeze paycheck clears.

Jamie's go-to casual wear: a Raven's jersey! The women's fit is cute, but much prefers one that belongs to a firefighter or lifeguard.

Old Bay for crabs, for chicken salad, for dressings. Essential for  every Maryland kitchen--and highly recommended everywhere else. And look, no MSG!

Any serious investigative reporter needs to get the 411 on surveillance countermeasures, natch.